Alea (sister, deceased)


Blood Magician. He can manipulate people into doing what he wants them to do. He can take control of their body, and/or make them burn with intense heat.


Tall with grey eyes and wears his long black hair in a single braide.

Home Territory:

MD-5 (Ixia); Sandseed Plains (Sitia)


General Brazell's Advisor


Deceased (killed by Yelena and Valek in Poison Study), was slashed with a knife across the neck.


Mogkan is the alias of the Magician Kangom, who was wanted in Sitia from being part of a big kidnapping scandal, but they would only arrest him if he became a threat. 

Mogkan is Reyad's friend and Brazell's Advisor. He was sometimes invited to help Reyad with his experiments to test Yelena's endurance. Mogkan was there when he took Yelena from her home to the Brazell's Orphanage. After he reveals this to Yelena, he attempts to strangle her with his magic. Valek stops him, but then he causes pain in her stomach. When Mogkan threatens Yelena, Valek is unable to kill him and Mogkan walks away unharmed.

Meanwhile, he tried to sabotage the Sitian treaty by poisoning three people with My Love (Irys Jewelrose, Commander Ambrose and Valek). However, Yelena tastes the poison, as the Commander's food-taster, thereby saving the others. 

He also tries to enhance his power by using diamonds to concentrate and store it. He bargained with Brazell that he would make him Commander once his power had become strong enough. He was later killed by Valek after being immobolized by Yelena's magic. As he died, he curses her, mentioning the Zaltana bloodline.