The Zaltana clan are decendants of the Sandseed Clan that moved into the Illiais Jungle. Most of their kin are strong climbers because their homestead resides in the trees and hardly noticed by those down below. Like their Sandseed cousins they produce strong magicians. Most of their items are made from things in the jungle. Their names are in this order first name, family name, and clan name and most first names tend to be a plant or animal found in the jungle. 

The Zaltana clan's women prefer to wear sleeveless dresses or skirts and short-sleeved blouses with bright floral patterns. The hemlines reaching to their knees. The men wear light-colored tunics and plain pants. All the Zaltanas go barefoot, and most have lean builds and bronze skin. 

Zaltana FamiliesEdit

  • Liliana
  • Palm
  • Cacao

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