Commander Ambrose




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Black hair speckled with grey, cut so short that it stood up straight, thin, clean shaven, with delicate features, gold almond shaped eyes.

Home Territory:

Ixia; MD-3; However he has family in the Soul Mountains.


Commander of Ixia



Almost 40 years. The Commander is powerful and focused, and never a fool for anybody. He follows his own Code of Behavior strictly, and he forces this living on his people, because it's a straightforward way of life, and everybody can follow it. He's never been the guy to surround himself with riches, it's a foolish way to live. Even if the Commander has the power over all of Ixia, it never corrupts him. He is a fair and logical man, and when it comes to employing people, he never looks at gender or age, but at capability and intelligence. He cares for his people, and ensure that they have everything they need to survive.

Early Life Edit

 His family lives in the foothills of the Soul Mountains, nestled between them and the ice pack. His home was on top of a diamond mine. When they discovered it, the King claimed it all for himself and allowed his family to live and work in the mines. Ambrose lost many of his family to cave-ins and the harsh environment.

Angry, Ambrose educated himself and began to preach about reform. His intelligence, bluntness and persuasiveness won him many supporters. Eventually, Ambrose was ambushed by Valek, who was paid to assassinate him, and Ambrose easily disarmed him. Ambrose carved a C in Valek's chest, and ordered that Valek work for him now. Valek readily agreed, because of his desire to kill the King. Later, Valek becomes Ambrose's loyal friend and an advisor, in charge of Ixia's spy-network.  

Poison Study Edit

While Yelena was sleeping during the Generals' meeting, she discovers that Ambrose was really a she due to a mutation and the only person to kill a snow cat. Yelena dismisses it as a dream even though it would explain why the Commander hated magicians. 

While trying to pull him from his own mind, Yelena discovers the truth and promises to keep it. Even though, she saved his life, he still signs an order for her execution. He, despite it being under Mogkan's influence, honors the trade treaty with Sitia.

Mutation Edit

Commander Ambrose is, as nobody knows, biologically female. He feels like a man, but a mutant body, as he names it, he can never live the life he was born to. So he dressed up as a boy early, and Yelena is the only one to know the whole truth.

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