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Reyad (Son)


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Grey haired, short beard, square shaped, pleasant face, stout and sturdy

Home Territory:

Ixia; Military District 5


General of Military District Five


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 A first a father figure to Yelena, this all changed when she turned 16 when he asked her to help with some experiments. Yelena implies that she is not the first nor last experimented on. He hates her and wants her dead after she kills his son, Reyad. He teaches all his orphans; they had to memorize the Code of Behavior, learn mathematics and to read and write.

His Military District produced and dyed and the thread for Ixia and then sent it to MD-3 to be woven into fabric. 

He supports the Sitian's coming to Ixia which are only granted due to his manipulation of the Commander. Along with getting his factory, and the trade agreement, he is also appointed as the successor to the Commander.

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