Illiais Jungle
Illiais Jungle
Vital statistics
Type Jungle
Level N/A
Location Sitia
Inhabitants Zaltana Clan

Jungle located in the south of Sitia. The Illias Jungle is home to the Zaltana Clan

Description Edit

The Illias Jungle grows in a  deep valley. Tucked into the crooks of the Daviian Plateau 's edge, the odd-shaped jungle is below the plateau's rim, leaving only one side open for travelers. It is defensible because it is impossible to scale the plateau's walls. The jungle is described as bulging with life. Overgrown green bushes and vines hanging from the tree canopies block paths. It is home to many creatures including valmurs, necklace snakes, and tree leopards. The constant chatter and trill of birds and insects can be heard throughout the jungle.

Unaccompanied visitors are extremely rare. With the constant danger of jungle predators, most travelers hire a Zaltana guide.

Zaltana Homestead Edit

The Zaltana clan have their homestead build in the canopy of the forest. A rope ladder is used to allow access. The homestead is a series of rooms connected by bridges made of branches. The walls and ceilings of the rooms are formed by branches and limbs roped together. Bundled sticks were woven into chairs with cushions made of leaves. Rooms are decorated with items found in the jungle. Stones were used to make animal replicas. Coconut shells, nuts, berries, grasses, twigs and leaves were artfully arranged into wall hangings, book covers, boxes and statues. The Zaltanas gather in a large, round common room, containing benches of carved wood that circles a huge fire pit made of stone.

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