Irys Jewelrose


Irys Jewelrose


The Magician, Fourth magician


Lily (Sister)


Yes. She is strong at influencing people's thoughts and actions. She is a strong magician, she can light fires, read minds and move objects.


Almond-shaped emerald eyes, black hair, bronze skin.

Home Territory:

Sitia; Jewelrose Clan


Fourth Magician



 Irys is a Master Level Magician. 

Poison Study Edit

While working nearby, Irys feels Yelena pulling power and knows there is an untrained magician nearby. Irys first meets Yelena at the fire festival after she is kidnapped by four men dressed in Ixian uniforms. She tries to kill Yelena, because she does not know how to control her powers. Her plot fails when Valek comes to Yelena's rescue. When Yelena is alone in the forest playing fugitive, she offers Yelena a deal: go with her to the South or she would kill her. Yelena, believing she has poison in her system can not leave Ixia without an antidote. Because powerful magicians are uncommon, Irys is willing to adjust the offer to give Yelena a year to find an antidote to her poison and escape to Sitia.  

Magic Study Edit

Return to Sitia Edit

Irys is bringing the remaining kidnapped children to Sitia to be reunited with their families. On the way, Irys stops in the Illiais Jungle to introduce Yelena to her family in the Zaltana clan. The Zaltanas learn that the fourth magician has taken Yelena under her wing as a student. When Yelena's mother, Perl, suggests Irys leave Yelena and Lief will escort her to the Citadel, Irys leaves Yelena with her family. She then leaves with the remaining orphans, May, Gracena, and Nickeely.