Valek, Yelena, Ari, Onora, The Commander, Fisk.




He can sense magic which may be a form of magic but cannot wield magic.


Slim with a goatee, buzzed cut dark hair. Has a thick scar running from his right temple to ear and is missing the lower half of his right ear.

Home Territory:



Second in command in Ixia, One half of The Power Twins (with Ari).



A witty and light-footed man who loves talk and a good fight. He is known to be a prankster, and many people underestimate him and are taken by surprise by his skills. He is a skilled dueler and sings to distract his opponents. Ari is the one that has to hold Janco by the neck, because Janco sometimes has the habit of picking a quarrel with someone, or he jests of them. He may seem like a carefree guy who have no worries, but if you threaten one of his friends you can be sure to be on his black-list. He, along with Ari loves Yelena as a sister and puts his life in her hands on multiple occasions. One half of the power twins.

Early Life Edit

As a boy he got in a lot of trouble using his talent of picking locks, eventually he got caught and either had to join the military or go to jail.

Poison Study Edit

Magic Study Edit

He went on to fight and beat Valek with Ari and Maren . He became Valek's second in command.

Dawn Study Edit

After Owen Moon was stopped and the war ended Janco decided (with Ari) to stay in Ixia and work for Commander Ambrose . He is now second in command to Onora .

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