Leif Liana Zaltana


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Yelena Zaltana (Sister), Perl Zaltana (Mother), Esau Zaltana (Father), Chestnut Zaltana (Cousin), Hazelnut Zaltana (Cousin)


Yes. He can sense when people are lying to him and "smell" blood. He senses where and what a person has been doing.


Bronze skin, stocky and muscular build, square face, black hair and green eyes like Yelena's.

Home Territory:

Sitia; Zaltana Clan




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 Leif, a member of the Zaltana clan, is the older brother of Yelena Zaltana. He is the oldest son of Perl and Esau Zaltana. 


Leif is eight years old when his sister vanishes from their home. He takes it hard, because he was with her when she was taken. He was the only one that refused to believe that Yelena was dead. He kept searching the jungle every day until she returned.

Magic StudyEdit

Leif is initially hostile when his sister returns to the Zaltana homestead. He declares to the entire settlement that she has killed and reeks of blood.

Magical Abilities Edit

He can sense where and what a person has been doing. Not specifics, but general feelings. This gift is used by the Council to help solve crimes and disputes and to determine if a person is guilty or not.

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