Perl Zaltana


Perl Liana Zaltana


No information


Yelena Zaltana (Daughter), Esau Zaltana (Husband), Leif Zaltana (Son)


Yes, can sense magic.


Same height as Yelena, pale green eyes, long braids streaked with grey, oval face

Home Territory:

Sitia; Zaltana Clan


Perfume maker.


No information

 Mother of Leif and Yelena Zaltana and wife to Esau Zaltana. She is a magician and can sense the magic flowing through a person. After Yelena vanished, she wouldn't touch the jungle floor. 

Magic Study Edit

 When Yelena returns with Irys, Perl knows that Yelena is her missing daughter because her soul fits the missing piece in her mother's soul. During the feast, Perl decides that Yelena should stay with them until Leif goes to see the first magician in two weeks, giving her more time to catch up. 

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