There are fifty-two known poisons. Valek gives Yelena a list to study, and has her taste and smell poisons to prepare her for her job as food taster for the Commander. Below are the poisons mentioned in Poison Study

Butterfly's Dust Edit

Also known as White Fright, it is used to cause severe stomach cramps and uncontrollable vomiting. It is revealed by Valek as a fake poison to keep the Commander's food testers cooperating. The way to detect it is by gargling it and tasting rotten oranges. Valek gave Yelena Butterfly's Dust every day as food taster to prevent the withdrawal symptoms. It causes severe cramps and uncontrollable vomiting during withdrawal. 

Tigtus Edit

Looks like sugar but smells like rosewood. A single grain will kill a person within the hour.

Have a Drink, My Love Edit

Also known as My Love, because it has a history of being used by wives. It is one of the deadliest poisons and has an immediate affect on the drinker. In smaller doses the person can survive. It is grown in Sitia. It tastes like sour apples. Vomiting, dizziness, hallucinations, and disorientation are the main symptoms.

Kattsgut Edit

Mentioned in Poison Study as having a sweet taste.

Blackberry Poison Edit

When they are cooked in a special solution of grain alcohol and yeast with extreme care to the proper temperature are they poisonous. Not many people have the knowledge to create it. Rand uses this poison to sabotage Yelena's poison test.