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Tall, thin man, with light brown eyes and short brown hair, subtly handsome.

Home Territory:



Cook for the Commander


Deceased (Killed by one of Star's goons in Poison Study)

 Rand is Commander Ambrose's cook. He was Oscove's friend and is in love with Dilana.

Rand cooked for the King from a young age. After the takeover, Rand tried every trick in the book to get arrested or reassigned, until Valek made his mother the Food Taster. He stopped. When she died, he tried to run for the border, where he was caught and his knee was shattered which is why he walks with a limp.

Rand is working with Captain Star to pay off gambling debts and it revealed that he attempted to poison Yelena during Valek's first test for her at the end of her training with Blackberry Poison. He's also partially involved in ambusing her during the fire festival.

He has problems with gambling.

He tricked Yelena into walking into a trap because it would pay of his gambling debts. He pushed her aside and took an arrow to the chest for her.

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