No information


Brazell (father)


No information


Handsome; blond hair and a carefully groomed mustache, blue eyes

Home Territory:

Ixia; Military District 5


No information


Dead (Pre-Poison Study; killed by Yelena)

 Reyad is handsome but cruel. He ran experiments on his father's orphans at his side. He also tortured them when they disappointed him. He forced them to perform experiments that tested their endurance.

After winning an acrobat competition in the fire festival - one that she was forbidden to participate in - she was given over to him by his father, General Brazell, who claimed her too willful to be in his experiments. While alone, he released his anger on her. Waking up naked, he forces her to read the horrors of his journal, he rapes her soon after believing her trying to escape. Yelena kills him afterward where she stabs him in bed. She does it to save her "sisters".

His ghosts haunts and taunts her.

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