First Magician


Roze Featherstone


First Magician, Jal, Jalila Daviian


No information


Yes. Her specialty is reading minds; her power is at master level.


White hair, amber eyes, and skin that's almost black.

Home Territory:

Sitia; Featherstone Clan


Ex-First Magician


Dead; executed with her soul trapped in glass.

The First Magican, Roze Featherstone's specialty is to read minds. She is a master level magician. Her first meeting with Yelena involves her diving into her mind to see if she is a spy. Yelena resists, but she is able to read that she isn't a spy. She is angry that she couldn't tap very far into Yelena's mind. She uses blood magic to gain power for the good of Sitia, however she meets her downfall when Yelena releases the souls she stole. She is exicuted and her soul is trapped in glass. She is the leader of the Daviian Vermin.

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