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Poison Study Quiz Edit

Here are some questions from Poison Study. Answer them if you know.

  • 1 - Which poison smells like Rosewood? Tigtus
  • 2 - What is the name of the lake in Military District 5?
  • 3 - Who was the only person to escape from the Commander's dungeon?
  • 4 - Who is Nix really working for?
  • 5 - What does Mogkan tell Yelena about when he had "rescued" her?
  • 6 - What is the name of General Brazell's guard (the one who chases her in the castle)?
  • 7 - What are Rand's guesses about Yelena's fire festival event?
  • 8 - What do the symbols on Yelena's switchblade mean?
  • 9 - What is the real name for Butterfly's Dust?
  • 10 - What are the four tastes that mint will mask?
  • 11 - What is the largest leaf in the Snake Forest?
  • 12 - What happened to Rand's mother?
  • 13 - What weapon does Valek use to save Yelena at the fire festival?
  • 14 - What is General Tesso's daughter's name?
  • 15 - What is Irys's sister's name?
  • 16 - What is the name of the tree that Yelena climbs in the Snake Forest?
  • 17 - What is Ari's full name?
  • 18 - What is the name of Valek's associate, the one who helps Tentil start a new life?
  • 19 - Which leg is Rand's bad one?
  • 20 - There are three General's brandies mentioned. Which Generals and what is his brandy? 23:16, March 30, 2015 (UTC)

Admins and Contributors Edit

Hi, I was looking to see who is currently working on this wiki and if there is an active administrator for this page. I love this series and wish would love to know who else is part of this very small, hopefully soon to grow, fandom.

ADrink,MyLove (talk) 02:02, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

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