Zitora Cowan


Zitora Cowan


Third Magician later Second,


A sister, deceased parents.


Yes, Zitora is a master level magician and her best power is to hold people immobilized.


Innocent looking, with honey brown hair that when braided reaches her waist. She has a heart shaped face and pale yellow eyes.

Home Territory:

Sitia; Cowan Clan


Third Magician


No information

Zitora is the Third Magician and becomes Second Magican after Roze's fall. She is one of the youngest Magicians, next to Yelena who does not claim the title. She is said to be kind and wouldn't hurt a fly.

Early LifeEdit

Zitora grew up in the Cowan clan and attended the Keep. She took the Master-Level test and came back with a unicorn spirit guide.

Master MagicianEdit

Because she is the youngest of the Master's she is often sent with a guard on missions, however she is sent with just Opal to the Stormdance Clan to investigate why their orbs are breaking. After the factory incident in Fulgor, Zitora resigns as a Master and chooses to attempt to find her sister.

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